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Indian Society For
Mass Spectrometry

Dedicated to promoting and popularising mass spectrometry and its applications in Research, Industry and other areas of Science.

ISMAS Triennial Conference on Mass Spectrometry

ISMAS International Conference on Mass Spectrometry is held triennially. This provides a forum to research scholars, university faculty and research scientists from Research Institutes, Universities, Industries, Hospitals and other organisations to discuss their experiences and new developments in Mass Spectrometry. The Conference is organized by ISMAS and co-sponsored by a number of Departments of Government of India, other scientific organisations and Industries. These triennial Conferencea on Mass Spectrometry have acquired International recognition in view of the participation of distinguished Mass Spectrometrists who are invited from different reputed Mass Spectrometric laboratories of the world. In view of the reputation of the ISMAS Conference, young Mass Spectrometrists working abroad also participate by sending their contributed papers.

12th ISMAS Triennial International Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Goa-2013
March 3-8, 2013
Cidade de Goa, GOA

Eleventh ISMAS Triennial International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry- Hyderabad-2009
November 24 to 28, 2009
Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

Tenth ISMAS Triennial International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry- 2006
January 28 to February 1, 2006
Tea County Resort, Munnar

ISMAS Silver Jubilee Symposium on Mass Spectrometry-Goa-2003
January 27 to 31, 2003
NIO, Goa

Eighth ISMAS Symposium on Mass Spectrometry-1999
December 7 to 9, 1999
IICT, Hyderabad

Seventh National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry- Gwalior-1996
November 26 to 28, 1996
DRDE, Gwalior

Sixth National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry- Dehradun-1993
October 11 to 13, 1993
IIP, Dehradun

Fifth National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry at Ahmedabad- 1991
January 7 to 9, 1991
PRL, Ahmadabad

Fourth National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry-1988
January 4 to 6, 1988
IISc, Bangalore

Third National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry- Hyderabad-1985
September 22 to 24, 1985
RRL, Hyderabad

Fourteenth ISMAS Symposium cum Workshop on Mass Spectrometry- Munnar- 2011
November 7 to 11, 2011
Tea County, Munnar

Thirteenth ISMAS Symposium cum Workshop on Mass Spectrometry- Mumbai- 2008
January 27 to 31, 2008
BARC, Mumbai

Twelveth ISMAS Workshop on Mass Spectrometry- Goa- 2007
March 25 to 30, 2007
Cidade-de-Goa, Dona Paula, Goa

Fourth National Workshop on Mass Spectrometry- Lucknow- 1993
March 1 to 5, 1993
CDRI, Lucknow

Workshop on “Maintenance of Mass Spectrometers”- Mumbai- 1986
March 3 to 12, 1986
BARC, Bombay

Eleventh ISMAS Workshop on Mass Spectrometry- Shilonbagh-2004
October 7 to 12, 2004
Toshali Royal View Resort, Shilon Bagh, Shimla

National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry - “Progress in Research, Applications and Instrumentation”-1981
December 21 to 23, 1981
BARC, Bombay

Seminar on Mass Spectrometry - “Applications and Current Trends”- Mumbai -1978
March 20 to 22, 1978
BARC, Bombay

Ninth ISMAS Workshop on “Mass Spectrometry in the New Millennium: Instrumentation and Applications”- Goa- 2000
December 12 to 16, 2000
National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa.

Tenth ISMAS Workshop on “Advance in Mass Spectrometry”- Puri- 2002
February 25 to March 1, 2002
Toshali Sands, Puri, in association with Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar

Eighth ISMAS Workshop on “Modern Trends in Mass Spectrometry”- MUmbai-1997
August 4 to 9, 1997
BARC, Mumbai.

Seventh National Workshop on “Advances in Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation and Applications”- Thiruvananthapuram- 1995
August 21 to 25, 1995
RRL, Thiruvananthapuram

Sixth National Workshop on “Industrial and Environmental Applications of Mass Spectrometry”- Kalpakkam- 1995
February 28 to March 3, 1995
IGCAR, Kalpakkam

Fifth National Workshop on Mass Spectrometry-1994
April 19 to 26, 1994
Regional Sophisticated Instrumentation Center (RSIC), Panjab University, Chandigarh

Workshop on “Applications of Mass Spectrometry to Organic Chemistry and Biosciences”- Gwalior-1989
February 20 to 24, 1989
DRDE, Gwalior

Winter School / Workshop on Mass Spectrometry- Madras- 1987
February 23 to 28, 1987
Regional Sophisticated Instrumentation Center (RSIC), IIT, Madras

ISMAS International Discussion Meet on “Elemental Mass Spectrometry in Health and Environmental Sciences”- 2011
April 14-15, 2011
Clarion Collection, New Delhi.

ISMAS Discussion Meet on Mass Spectrometry

ISMAS intends to organize Discussion Meet on specific applications of mass spectrometry at research institutes and universities in different parts of India. The Discussion Meet is aimed to discuss applications of mass spectrometry in focused area of research and updating the practitioners with the latest developments in the specific field of interest. The meet also provides a forum for discussing the day-to-day problems encountered in a selected area and find possible solutions. The following event was organized in association with Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi:

ISMAS Symposium cum Workshop on Mass Spectrometry

ISMAS organizes Workshops on Mass Spectrometry at Research Institutes and Universities in different parts of India. These Workshops are aimed at introducing the subject of Mass Spectrometry to novices, updating the Mass Spectrometrists with the latest developments in the field, exposing the participants to innumerable applications of Mass Spectrometry and providing a common forum for discussing the day-to-day problems when working with a Mass Spectrometer. The programme of these Workshops consists of Tutorials, Panel Discussions, Research Scholar Presentations, Poster Presentations and Invited Lectures. The lectures include fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry, qualitative and quantitative aspects and data interpretation, maintenance of Mass Spectrometers, selection of a mass spectrometer, applications in various branches of science as well as recent advances in Mass Spectrometry. The lectures are supplemented by (i) Open-forum discussions on the experiences gained by the Resource Persons (faculty) as well as by the participants in running and maintaining the mass spectrometers and (ii) Visits to local laboratories equipped with mass spectrometers. During Workshop cum Symposium, Research Scholars are provided with an opportunity to make oral presentations of their research work. Cash Awards and Certificates of Merit are given to the best presentations. ISMAS Workshop has been renamed as ‘ISMAS Symposium cum Workshop Seminar on Mass Spectrometry’ with effect from April 2005. Till date, 13 Workshops have been Organized.

28th ISMAS Symposium cum Workshop on Mass Spectrometry - Parwanoo- 2014
March 9 - 13, 2014
Timber Trail Heights, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, India

29th ISMAS International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry Jodhpur - 2015
February 2 - 6, 2015
Vivanta by Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur

June 15 - 20, 2015

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ISMAS Eminent Scientist Award and ISMAS Young Scientist Award are restricted for ISMAS LMs only. Only ISMAS LMs receive discounted registration and accommodation fees.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To popularise and promote further application of Mass Spectrometric techniques in Research and Industry. To co-operate and maintain a liaison with other learned bodies inside and outside India for the promotion, utilization and popularisation of Mass Spectrometry and other related subjects.

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