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Indian Society For
Mass Spectrometry

Dedicated to promoting and popularising mass spectrometry and its applications in Research, Industry and other areas of Science.

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Welcome to the Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry (ISMAS),

Mass spectrometry is a multidisciplinary field that has emerged as an indispensable analytical method due to its high sensitivity, universality and specificity. The technique plays vital role in several scientific areas such as chemistry, physics, nuclear technology, biology, material science, forensic science, archaeology, etc. The list of applications continues to grow day by day. In order to promote the activities of Mass spectrometry in India, ISMAS was formed in 1978 during a meeting of mass spectrometrists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The Life-members include mass spectrometrists from research institutes, universities and industry from India as well as abroad. For nearly last four decades, ISMAS has been playing a key role in popularizing mass spectrometry in India by organizing international/national symposia, workshops, theme based meetings on mass spectrometry, recognizing achievements in mass spectrometry through ISMAS awards program etc. A recent addition to the activities of ISMAS is the outreach program on mass spectrometry education to the university/college students (B.Sc./M.Sc.) and faculty members for popularizing the subject and inspiring new comers. Under this program, ISMAS members deliver lectures on fundamental aspects and different applications of mass spectrometry and a portable mass spectrometer system developed by BARC is being used for demonstration to the participants for hands-on experience at the host institute. Two such events have already been conducted (first one was in Somaiya College, VidyaVihar and other at Chemistry Department, Mumbai University, Kalina) and few more are scheduled.

Mass spectrometry continues to grow in terms of applications and instrumental sophistication with ever increasing mass resolution, selectivity and detection sensitivity. Being interdisciplinary in nature, mass spectrometry benefits from advances in other constituent fields and as a result, this field continues to be stimulating even after more than a century since its first report. So, come and join ISMAS for the cause of mass spectrometry.

Prof. R.K. Vatsa,
Chemistry Division,
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,
Mumbai 400 085, INDIA
Email: rkvatsa@barc.gov.in

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ISMAS Eminent Scientist Award and ISMAS Young Scientist Award are restricted for ISMAS LMs only. Only ISMAS LMs receive discounted registration and accommodation fees.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To popularise and promote further application of Mass Spectrometric techniques in Research and Industry. To co-operate and maintain a liaison with other learned bodies inside and outside India for the promotion, utilization and popularisation of Mass Spectrometry and other related subjects.

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